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Why I ride for self and charity – a Summit to Surf / American Diabetes Association pledge message

Summit to Surf - Up and around Mt Hood

Summit to Surf – Up and around Mt Hood

From: ” Kent Nakagawa ” <kent@teamnakagawa.com>

Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2007 10:29 PM

Subject: Teamnakagawa Summit to Surf Update, Thank You’s, and a small
pledge plea.

I’m completely blown away.

As of July 11th, I have reached my 2007 fundraising goal of $1000.
Thank you all for continuing to be generous in supporting my causes,
especially this one for the American Diabetes Association!

There’s a little more than two weeks left before the big ride,
I have one more small pledge plea to make to those who have not donated
(or maybe also to those who have already done so). But before I ask,
I feel I have to answer a couple of questions that have been asked of
me since I started these “crazy” bicycle rides:

Why I ride…

  • It’s the only exercise method that I have been able maintain
    with any long-term focus and consistency. Without cycling, I’d
    probably blimp out much worse than I do already.
  • How cool is it to be able to say that I biked up a snow-capped mountain,
    or over a hundred miles to the beach?
  • I ride with people in their 20’s and in their 60’s. I
    like knowing that I can be one of those 60+ year olds putting the younger
    ones to shame on the road.

Why I ride for charities like the American Lung Association and the
American Diabetes Association…

  • I have had too many family and friends who have developed or are
    predisposed to diabetes. And Margo is one of them.
  • Through my riding, I have inspired at least two friends to participate
    in their own special events, to benefit additional great causes (like the
    American Cancer Society and the Cascade Aids Project)
  • It’s a way for me to contribute to very worthy charities through
    sweat equity as well as with monetary donations.
  • They give great recognition to their best supporters.

On this last note, I am fortunate to be a member of the ADA/ Summit
to Surf “First Fifty Club 2007” – one of the top fifty
individual fundraisers from last year’s drive. It is a personal
honor to be part of this group, and we get special recognition at the
start and finish of this year’s ride, as well as spoiled rotten
treatment by the ADA sponsors during the year. And it’s a great
reward for my efforts to get up and over Mt Hood.

Again, thank you all for your support, both in donations as well as
in kind words of encouragement and various prayers toward a cure for
my bicycling insanity. I’ll definitely try to share this event
with you through my usual picture collection.

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